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What do you need to apply for a Spanish mortgage?

Obtaining a mortgage in the Canary Islands is a lot easier than you would first imagine. Mortgage applications can be approved, usually within 10-15 days. Prerequisite for this is the information below, and the estimate of the property by an expert of the bank for a mortgage of up to 70%.


2 copies of identity card or passport (color copy preferred), and 1 B&W authenticated** copy. Copies of the last three or six months bank statements of your bank. Copies of the last three months of wage / salary slips. An employer confirmation letter concerning the content and duration of  employment. Last tax return.

Self employed customers need a letter from your accountant (confirmation) on the income of the last two years. (Last two income tax returns)
Bank statements for the last 3 years from your bank.
If necessary, proof of other income.
If you already have a mortgage in Spain or have had to prove the last 3 months mortgage payments and a bank letter of confirmation of the outstanding balance.

Copy of the purchase contract.

Nota Simple of the property.

Copies of N.I.E. certificates.

Utility bill Credit report obtainable from

Copy of identity card or passport. Credit Bureau report, if the mortgage is over 70%, and this document indicates.any case, it will help to speed up the process.

The advantages of obtaining a mortgage in the Canary Islands:
Favorable interest rates. Keeps your overseas assets separate to those you have at home Easy to arrange, the currency remains, all mortgages are in Euros. We can help you as your agent in obtaining a mortgage as well as your introduction to the relevant bank directors.
Please note that a non-payment of your mortgage to the bank can result in a repossession of your property.

The brokerage fee pays in Spain, usually the seller and is therefore already included in the purchase price.

For the buyer, are no additional brokerage costs.

The above information is only a guide and may inadvertently contain errors or omissions.



The PURCHASE COSTS when purchasing a property in Spain: 
The real estate tax - (ITP - Impuesto sobre trasmisiones patrimonial) amounting to 6.5 percent of the purchase price. 
The notary fees are between 0.8 and two percent. 
The land registry costs amount to about 0.5 percent of the purchase price. 
The sale will apply: 
Income tax of 21 percent for the seller on the increase in property value since the last purchase. 
For non-residents, the tax is equal to capital appreciation of a speculation tax, which is levied on the resale of the property. It amounts to non-residents 21 percent of the gains. If the seller is not resident, the purchaser is required to withhold 3 percent of the purchase price and pay it to the tax office. 
The seller may then have to determine the actual tax liability as part of a tax return. The advance tax payment scheme is not applied, 
if the property for more than ten years was at the date 31/12/96 in the property of the seller and not value-enhancing measures were carried out. 
The land value increment tax (Plusvalía) taxed the increase in value of the property. 
By law, they are borne by the seller. Failure to pay, however, is liable to the current owners of the property. The amount of Plusvalía depends on the size of the land, the community and the holding period. It is calculated with the help of the cadastral value, which is updated every three years. 
Current costs 
The ongoing costs consist of taxes, operating and maintenance costs. For example, property tax (bienes de impuestos immuebles, IBI), which raises the municipality. This is based on the cadastral value of the property, the property tax has to be paid zweiml per year. On the property tax receipt you can also find the "referencia catastral". This is the number of the land registry, which requires the Land Registry for registration. 

Also from the community, the cost of garbage disposal are collected, waste collection 

is payable semi-annually in June and in November. 
Comunidad - community fees: Once the property is part of a complex 
are due monthly charges (comunidad). Thus, the cost of, for example, the maintenance of the garden and pool facilities, or the cleaning and maintenance of common areas financed. 
The Comunidad costs vary according to size and administrative expenses of the facility. 
Basically, there are no restrictions for EU citizens when purchasing properties, the future property owners must have a so-called NIF - a tax identification number feature.
The  information above are only a guideline and may unintentionally include gaps or errors.


ACEGI is a business association uniting a selection of Real Estate companies and Agents on the Canary Islands.

Founded in 2008 by more than twenty small real-estate business-people in the sector, who, faced with difficulties and the lack of representation of the entrepreneurial and professional real estate agents, decided to join forces to improve all those aspects necessary to bring the sector itself and the companies comprising it, up to date.

By the beginning of 2013, the Association was present on Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, uniting 97 companies comprising a little over 200 professionals.


We invite you to contact any Member of the Board or ACEGI Delegates in your area for any details or addition information you require.  

Amongst our Goals we wish to highlight the following


  • Encourage relations between the Entrepreneurs themselves and the Estate Agents who carry out their activities in companies associated with ACEGI;    
  • Develop a work system that is sufficient to encourage shared operations within the BOICAN Canarian Pool of Properties;  
  • Develop technologies that promote the marketing of real estate properties (SAI and Viviendas Canarias [Canarian Homes]);    
  • Strengthen training of both staff and entrepreneurs in the sector;
  • Provide Members with true and up-dated information on the real-estate market, statistics of real market prices (TEVIC) and the changes to regulations that could affect the way companies function;     
  • Represent the business and professional sector before public administrations, benefitting the market itself, the purchaser, the seller and for landlords;    
  • Safeguard the Sector’s Ethics and Professionalisation;  
  • Agree on special offers with suppliers and place these at the disposal of the Members.